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Eye’z & Kerry T At The San Mateo Fair

Eye’z & Kerry T At The San Mateo Fair
Eye’z & Kerry T At The San Mateo Fair

On June 12th Eye’z performed with special guest Kerry T at the San Mateo County Fair. The event is a great attraction for families and kids that lasts nine days. It’s a community event that offers outdoor stages for artists like Eye’z and Kerry T to show their talent. These stages are programmed with family friendly performances. Who doesn’t remember going to such fairs when they were children or even as adults? One of the fairs my city used to have every year was something that I never missed. It was three days long and had many events similar to the San Mateo County Fair. One of my favorite activities was the performances of up and coming singers/groups, such as Eye’z and Kerry T. Our local radio station would host these performers. One of those groups when I was younger was Escape. That show, where they sang just a few of their songs, was when I became a huge Escape fan. I still am to this day, even though they aren’t as popular as they once were. So not only are these shows a good place for professional performers to perform, they are also a great place for those who love music to go to learn about performers that you may have never heard of before. These fairs and festivals often have talents such as Eye’z and Kerry T who are people that you want to discover. And if you’ve already discovered them, even better! You get a chance to see them perform.

Eye’z & Kerry T At The San Mateo Fair

Since the Fair is a family friendly event, they of course have activities for children. One of those activities this year was the Keokits pop up truck. Keokits is a company who makes it easier to be a teacher! Teachers go to the keokits website, make their back-to-school supply list, and Keokits posts the list on their website. Parent’s then can forget about going to the store and have a box delivered right to their home of everything on their child’s teachers supply list. This way the students will be better prepared for school when it starts. If teachers and parents utilize this service, the teachers won’t have to worry about kids having the proper supplies at the beginning of the school year, the parents won’t be stressed making sure their kids have all the supplied they will need, and the kids will be better prepared right from the first day of school. This means it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Part of the Keokits exhibit at the San Mateo County Fair was the Keokits pop-up truck. Part of the fun in the pop-up truck was a real life selfie app. It’s a photo booth with plenty of props to help make taking selfies fun. After they were done performing, Eye’z and Kerry T went to the pop-up truck to take some selfies. They took several with props including one where Eye’z was wearing a pink princess crown and Kerry T was holding up a black panther mask. In another one Eye’z was holding a toothbrush and Kerry T is holding an emoji over his face.



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