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Indie Knox - Birdie ft. French Montana

Indie Knox - Birdie ft. French Montana
Indie Knox - Birdie ft. French Montana

Harlem, NY – August 29, 2016 – As another week sets off Indie Knox delivers a gift in the form of Birdie featuring a verse from French Montana.  Both NY natives boast about being the best the city has to offer.  Indie Knox states she is the "best out of the east since Remy."  Birdie delivers a barrage of aggressive party lines backed by a dark, bass-y heavily laid with bells beat; sure to have you out your seat.  This club banger is sure to have all of the 'birdies" nationwide shaking their tail feathers.  Indie Knox follows up the success of Circles with Birdie leaving us to wonder what she has in store for us next.  In the meantime however turn this up!!!!!

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