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ScareCrow - Lawd Have Mercy

ScareCrow - Lawd Have Mercy
ScareCrow - Lawd Have Mercy

The idiom “the early bird catches the worm” can be said to be a core principle in
Scarecrow’s theory of success. It entails the immediacy, determination and persistence required
in order to achieve one’s goals in life. It is with this mindset that the Montreal, Canada born and
Brooklyn, New York raised hip-hop go-getter has been creating a career in rap for himself over
the last five years. Thus far, he has independently, accumulated over 20,000 units with four
mixtape releases since 2010 and the numbers continue to grow as he consistently hits the streets,
daily selling CDs to potential fans. His objective is to turn his call to action, #TCB, which stands
for “take care of business!” into a profitable urban entertainment boutique label.

Anyone who dared to realize a vision knows that it can be a daunting task, the road to
success is paved with many trials, obstacles and errors. Surely, Scarecrow can bear witness to
this fact. At the earlier part of the twenty-first century he was selected to play pro soccer in a
second division league in Paris but saw his contract terminated as he failed to adapt to the
demands of European sport culture. He went to New York and stayed with family for a while,
upon his return to Montreal in 2004, he caught a couple criminal charges as a result of foolish
pursuit of the fast life. Even as he played professional soccer or while he engaged in the street
life, he inconspicuously cultivated a desire for the art of rap.

ScareCrow - Lawd Have Mercy

Inspired by lyrical giants such as Nas, 2pac and Eminem, he put pen to paper and began
to script his destiny through rap lyrics. In 2010, he hooked up with local producer Blak Gzus and
recorded several songs which would end up on his four mixtapes. They have steadily been
building #TCB into the brand which he envisioned it would be. After the many failures and
disappointments, looks like Scarecrow has finally come into his own. He, ever so focused, gets
to apply the hard learned lessons into the fulfillment of this destiny. Currently, he is hard at work,
preparing his debut album to be released summer 2016 and plotting to create opportunities where
none exists.



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