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Just To Get A ReP Pt.II ReP aka Rooftop ReP

Just To Get A ReP Pt.II ReP aka Rooftop ReP
Just To Get A ReP Pt.II
ReP aka Rooftop ReP

Mixtape Tracks 
1.- Exclamation
2.- Take Off
3.- ReP Brooklyn ft. Buckshot & Pain In Da Ass
4.- Fate To The Game
5.- Dreamin'
6.- Soigne' ft. Lxel
7.- Have It All
8.- Landing Gear ft. Skiprage
9.- Bang
10.- Don't Brag
11.- Fuck-
12 - Manolo Rose ft. ReP

Just To Get A ReP Pt.II ReP aka Rooftop ReP

About REP

Set the mold and ReP will show you how to break it! Brooklyn’s native son Adrian Sandy, better
known as ReP (RePresentin' Extraordinary Poetry) offers his own brand of inspiration for the big
dreamer in all of us. Raised between Crown Heights and Flatbush Brooklyn, neighborhoods
ravaged by violence, drugs and economic disparity, ReP was faced with harsh realities from an
early age.  Growing up, ReP was able to use these conditions to motivate him and others around
him to rise above and seek greatness despite it all.  Sadly a week after his 11th birthday, ReP lost
his mother, leaving his world turned upside-down as his sole support system was snatched away.
In an effort to cope with her untimely death, ReP turned to music to channel his pain. It wasn't
long before he realized it was more than just therapy and began to hone his craft. "The first time
I recorded a song that I wrote, it felt too electrifying to be normal. It was then I realized rap was
my passion and gift," says ReP.

An avid skateboarder, he’s keen on adventure, unafraid of failure and committed to his own path.
You’ll find ReP’s lyrics are not loaded with typical "around-the-way" action, but deliver more
substance than expected of a kid from the hood with his versatility and thought provoking lyrics.
 Inspired by alternative hip-hop acts like OutKast and A Tribe Called Quest, ReP’s music is
magnetic and has been called epic, inspiring and entertaining. His lyrical and experimental
ability have captivated a unique segment of hip-hop fans as well as a few noteworthy names in
the music industry. With attention from the likes of multi-platinum producer Devo Springsteen
(Kanye West, Estelle, and John Legend) and even the elusive Damon Dash, who took a liking to
ReP’s music and made an unexpected cameo in the video for ReP’s freshman single ‘Swagger
Mars,' a track also personally hand-selected by Pro-skater Tony Hawk and licensed for use on his
Ride Channel, ReP is on the rise and ready to take his sound global.

ReP - ReP Brooklyn feat. Buckshot from REP on Vimeo.


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