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Philadelphia Ranks Among the Tops Cities in Penn. for Drug Deaths

Philadelphia Ranks Among the Tops Cities in Penn. for Drug Deaths
Philadelphia Ranks Among the Tops Cities in Penn. for Drug Deaths

Drug Rehab Philadelphia comments on a recent article published by Berks and Beyond, and extends its drug and alcohol addiction treatment services to all of Pennsylvania.

According to Berks and Beyond, Pennsylvania has been established as a hub for drug related death, totaling almost 2,500 confirmed drug deaths, as reported on May 7th. The exact number, as reported by state officials, totals 2,489 deaths stemming from legal and illegal drug use in 2014. As the numbers work out, Pennsylvania loses seven people every day to fatal overdoses or other drug related deaths. The city of Philadelphia has been singled out as one of the most rife with drug related deaths. The city, along with five other counties, claimed 27.7 deaths per 100,000 population. Drug Rehab Philadelphia is an addiction and recovery center in Philadelphia. The addiction detox center rescues people with substance use disorders from their lives of addiction by teaching them the critical life skills necessary to overcome addiction. The treatment center asserts redressing the social stigma surrounding addiction will help people enroll into treatment, and promote environments conducive to healing, as opposed to public shaming. The addiction treatment center in Philadelphia is now extending its drug and alcohol rehabilitation and detox programs to all of Pennsylvania.

Drug Rehab Philadelphia

How Drug Rehab Philadelphia Can Help You

It has been theorized that drug addiction is caused by factors such as genetics and one’s environment. In Philadelphia, individuals are apart of an environment where illegal drug use is widespread making them more susceptible to developing an addiction or abusing an addictive substance. Fortunately, there are a variety of drug rehab centers in Philadelphia, PA which offer addiction treatment programs and rehabilitative services. Are you seeking to enroll in a drug rehab center in Philadelphia, PA? Drug Rehab Philadelphia is one of the leading forces in addiction treatment programs in Philadelphia, PA. At Drug Rehab Philadelphia we offer a comprehensive drug treatment program which aims to guide individuals on the path of recovery from drug addiction, using effective approaches. Drug Rehab plays an important role in recovery for those seeking to overcome a drug addiction. Drug Rehab Philadelphia understands that trying to overcome an addiction is hard, especially if you’re trying to quit on your own. At our facility we provide addiction treatment services which help you understand your addiction and the tools to overcome and cope with your addiction. Finding programs like Treatment for Alcoholism, Drug Counseling, and specialized Addiction and Recovery Programs has never been easier with our Addiction Treatment Center.

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