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WorldStar Promo- St.Louis Raised Female Rapper- LADY SOCO

WorldStar Promo- St.Louis Raised Female Rapper- LADY SOCO
WorldStar Promo- St.Louis Raised Female Rapper- LADY SOCO

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St. Louis is breeding young talent - Now in Georgia-- A Female Rapper by the name of Lady Soco hit me up on Twitter with her joints. Check out Lady SoCo Soundcloud songs and give it a listen. The list of female rappers aren't that long .. but more and more are emerging on the scene.. Crunkatlanta- Atlanta Music Promoter

 "I'm from east St. Louis I was born and raised the 12th child of 14 and been doing music sense the age of 13. But I never write all my music... comes off the top of my head. Some people call me the lady jay z"- LADY SOCO

St.Louis Raised Female Rapper- LADY SOCO

Go Check her out 


  1. Replies
    1. I follow you.. i see you even though i dont reply at times (jonmallet)

  2. Progress , #TeamSoco Get It Boo , Much Love #618

  3. From madison Illinois 618

  4. Go cousin get the hard work pays off 618 in the building

    1. Get it hard work pays off

  5. Lady Soco go hard ....n she is beautiful definitely a rising star

  6. You on your way girl

  7. A female artist to be reckon with

  8. You a Star Baby Girl Keep Doing What You Do , Stay Positive #TeamSoco #618



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