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Tycie (Da 1 Handed Bandit) "I Ain't Callin Ya" - WORLDSTAR PROMO

Tycie (Da 1 Handed Bandit) "I Ain't Callin Ya" - WORLDSTAR PROMO
Tycie (Da 1 Handed Bandit) "I Ain't Callin Ya" - WORLDSTAR PROMO

Up and coming Jackson Mississippi artist Tycie (Da 1 Handed Bandit) is a lyrical female on the rise with a different message and approach to today's Hip Hop game. Tycie is independent with her own record company "Burn'EM Up Productions" and a lady who experienced the highs and lows of life but refuse to lose.

We caught up with Da 1 Handed Bandit to ask her a few questions to get better acquainted with her and here's how our conversation went below.

1.When did you first decide you wanted to rap, and how long you were a Femcee?
I was VERY young, like 9 years old. I use to follow my older brother. He use to write raps all the time.( R.I.P. Ra-Ra Clincy) I have been rapping for over 10 years, but I have been serious with it for the last 2.

2.Where'd you get the name Da 1 Handed Bandit and why?
LOL!!!...Its SELF EXPLANATORY..I am that 1 Handed Bandit, literally. LOL

3.Who are your musical Influences in Hip Hop, Male or Female?
Jeezy, that's why I "Got a record label and I signed myself." I love 2 Pac, Yo Gotti. I'm digging Kevin Gates.  I am about realness, not entertainment. I can't dance...

4.Do you believe in the omen "Its Hard For Female Rappers To Make It In The Industry"?
YESSSSSSS!!!!!...but I REFUSE to be known as "getting down" in the industry. I could have been made it, but I have a daughter and I'm an EXAMPLE to my 2 kids. Your body suppose to be the MOST important thing next to God. I stand and live on that.

5.Who would you like to work with in the game right now?

6.Are you looking to sign on a major label or stay Independent?
I want to stay Indie.

7.What is your take on the state of Hip Hop?
I really don't focus on that word. I focus on music that's speaks about life, not getting our society locked up or killed by something that a person says who have never experienced the street life. But as I see it, our society just wants something/someone to follow. So each its own.

8.What can we expect from Da 1 Handed Bandit in the future?
A lot is on the way. I'm not only a rapper, I'm publishing a book about my lie, maybe next year. Also, I'm a T.V. script writer and I'm planning to open up my own restaurant. Don't let the "COVER" fool ya. I have 2 college degrees. I want people from the streets to know that I AM a female, I was born with one hand, I have been on my own since I was 12, brought up in the streets, BUT there is a 3rd choice. Hell or jail are NOT your only choices.

9.Anyone you want to give a Shout Out to before we wrap it up?
Oh yes..HAROLD & C REE LYLE of HAROLD LYLE FILMS, T-Dizzal, Maineack Da Maine, Creepshow Mixtapes, Johnny Slim...BUT MOST OF ALL my Heavenly Father & mother Eliza H.

10.Where can Hip Hop fans find you on Social media?



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