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Penis Pills Exposed - What Works and What Doesn't

Penis Pills Exposed - What Works and What Doesn't
Penis Pills Exposed - What Works and What Doesn't

This is a touchy subject that many are too embarrassed to talk about. But if you secretly ask any guy -- Would he want to be bigger, majority if not all will say yes.

The famous porn star actor Ron Jeremy is at the forefront of exposing all these gimmicks on the market that can do more harm than good. Check out what Ron Jeremy has to say.


    1.Xantho 5x 
    The L-Arginine enhancement in Xantho 5X, coupled with Xantho 5X's proprietary blend of naturally occurring ingredients, are specifically targeted to the male anatomy region of the body to increase a man's erectile capacity, erectile strength, erectile endurance level and overall erectile quality. The starting point for this process is made possible by stimulating the natural production of Nitric Oxide in the body.

    2.Longinexx - Finishing in second place is this outstanding product from Dartford Kent Laboratories of London, England. I was first exposed to this product in 2009 when I was doing a show in Amsterdam and the Spanish porn star Nacho Vidalturned me on to it. Everyone in the adult business in Europe was talking about it – and for good reason – this stuff is top notch! It is well designed and it’s very impressive the way it pumps your penis up, and makes it harder. This intelligently engineered product works better than any other product in the world right now other than Xantho 5x, and it’s not too far behind! If Xantho 5x is Michael Jordan, then Longinexx is Scotty Pippen.
    Available on AMAZON- Given a "A-"


    3.Vaso Ultra – This top quality superbly engineered capsule from Research and Applied Science Labs (RAS Labs) makes the Big Three! This dynamic formulation combines a highly effective Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, standardized for a whopping potency level of 80% protodioscin, in combination with pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine and L-Citrulline to produce maximum nitric oxide production.

     4.Dianabol - What in the world is a muscle building product doing as the number four rated “Get Bigger” male enhancement pill? It’s all about the science. This product is not sold as a male enhancement pill, but its “off-label” reputation is a potent vasodilator that can make your dick as hard as Chinese algebra! I have left no stone unturned in seeking out the world’s top sex pills, and just because a product isn’t thought of as a “traditional” male enhancement pill, if it works – we are investigating it, trying it, evaluating it and reporting the truth! This pill falls into that category. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals introduced Dianabol as a natural steroidal anabolic agent designed to increase muscle mass through a delivery system that focuses on vasodilatation and capillary expansion. Dianabol contains a powerful combination of precision herbal extracts that trigger your body to build muscle and lose fat. Dianabol's main purpose is to keep acquired muscle protein within the muscles, so that you maintain a state of overall anabolism when normal protein breakdown occurs. Dianabol inhibits or blocks signals and keeps your hard earned muscles intact.

    5. Enzyte MRC – This a new product from the new owner of the Enzyte brand and guess what – this shit is good! Real good. If you are a fan of my penis pill ratings then you know that I have bashed Enzyte for years as being a massive scam. It was. In fact it was the biggest scam of all time at one point. But, that was way back in the day when it was owned and operated by a guy who is now sitting in federal prison for a $250 million dollar credit card fraud he ran on Enzytecustomers. Yes $250 million. In a nut shell, what they did is no different than what the crooks behind the Jack and His Magic Beans website are doing – giving away a free bottle of pills for just a few dollars for shipping and handling, and then they charge your credit card hundreds and hundreds of dollars. That’s what the original Enzyte guy did. The company that bought the Enzyte brand is called Vianda, and they are based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They own the Enzyte brand and they operate the company honestly. They have come out with two new male enhancement products in the last two years. Enzyte 24/7, which is a very good product, and this new one Enzyte MRC which is even better, with an excellent formula that features the hot new testosterone product fenugreek. You see fenugreek in the products Ageless Male and Nugenix, two widely advertised testosterone boosters, and Enzyte MRC has added it to their pill and it definitely makes a difference.

    Ingredients you should look for if you need help :

    Tongat Ali = sexual desire , libido , sexual performance and ED
    Maca= volume of semen , ED
    L-Aganine = ED
    Ginseng blend = immune system , ED now for the proprietary blend
    Sarsaparilla= Testosterone boost , sexual performance boost
    Pumpkin Seed = Prostate health , and many other health benefits
    Muria Puama = ED
    Oat straw= strengthens blood vessels ,sexual performance
    Cayene Peper = there is no space for me to write the benefits of this for overall health
    Nettle = many health benefits
    Astragalus (4:1) = Imune system , stress remover
    Catauba bark = Sexual arousal , sexual performance
    Licorice = Stress remover , other beneficial values
    Tribulus Terestris = fertility booster , ED , Libido , Testosterone booster

    that the people have raved about is this one --

      Product Scams: 
    Pro Pills Plus

    The most famous example of this male enhancement pill auto billing scam was the original owner of Enzyte. A guy named Steve Warshak. In fact it was Warshak who coined the phrase natural male enhancement. He would send you out a free trial and bill you no matter how many times you called to cancel. The Feds finally caught up with him, charged him, convicted him and he was sent to prison for 25 years! He stole over $200 million dollars!

    Got beef with him -- WRITE HIM--

    Steven Warshak Inmate Number 04431-061 He gets out in Sept 2030
    P.O. BOX 6000
    GLENVILLE, WV 26351


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