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Crunkatlanta Magazine Welcomes DETROIT AMY RELLA -

Crunkatlanta Magazine Welcomes DETROIT AMY RELLA
Crunkatlanta Magazine Welcomes DETROIT AMY RELLA

Check out what AMy has to say, a lil bit about who she is ...

My passion is music and I crave the taste of creative sounds!
In 2010 I began a career in the music industry as a manager for the Detroit Mo Thugs, a branch off of Bone Thugs N Harmony's label Mo Thugs Records. I became determined to learn my new found craft backwards and forwards, and wanted to create my own personal success story. In less than two years I worked with close to, if not more than, 200 artists. As a divorced single mother I made the decision to resign from management. I was missing out on way too many tea parties, glow stick baths and bedtime stories.

I began promoting for and working alongside Moe Dirdee in 2012. His drive, talent, passion and wisdom continue to help me grow both inside and outside of the industry.

These days I consider myself a constant work in progress. If you aren’t growing you aren’t moving right?
It's a fact that Detroit is home to many talented artists that could reach the top if they got the proper exposure that they deserve and there's also artists that have terrible friends and/or family that don't have the balls to tell them how terrible their music truly is. So this is where I'm going to step in. I call it as I see it (or hear it). So whether it's terrible or the best, I'm going to expose it. Who knows... I may even write about things unrelated to music from time to time. So if you have a topic idea that you would like to see me post about..

Email me at:

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Twitter: @Amy_Rella
Instagram: _AMYRELLA_

OH, and I LOVE comments… so please feel free to offer your own insight on the information I post here. I want to hear what you think.

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"AMY" -

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