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New Music: Damar Jackson - Crazy

New Music: Damar Jackson - Crazy
New Music: Damar Jackson - Crazy

New Music: Damar Jackson - Crazy
"Crazy" is the debut single from Louisiana's own Damar Jackson. An emotional roller-coaster both musically and lyrically, the single takes listeners on the journey of the last days of a tumultuous relationship. This isn't the first time you've heard from the singer, songwriter and producer. Damar has also contributed to songs like K Camp's hit "Comfortable" and more.

Check out "Crazy" below.

Social Media For Damar Jackson:
Instagram: @DamarJackson
Twitter: @DamarJackson
Snapchat: IAmDamarJackson
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Tommy Boy - Def Jam - Horus Music Seeking Music

Tommy Boy - Def Jam - Horus Music Seeking Music
Tommy Boy - Def Jam - Horus Music Seeking Music
Tommy Boy Entertainment Seeking Hip-Hop/Trap Music & Artists
Tommy Boy Entertainment is seeking Hip-Hop/Trap music and artists for label roster signing consideration. We are particularly looking for artists that sound like: Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tiller, Post Malone, Wu-Tang Clan.

Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Please do not submit your material to us outside of Music Xray

- Fred Habna / Tommy Boy Entertainment

Roster Consideration at Horus Music - Label, Publishing, Distribution
Horus Music is a U.K. based distribution house with label, publishing and marketing divisions, focused on undiscovered talent. We're currently celebrating our 10th birthday and expansion into the undeserved and expanding market for music in India. 

We're currently looking to expand our distribution, label and publishing roster and continue our tradition of success. We're specifically looking for mastered records to distribute, license and promote.  

- Nick Dunn Managing Director - Horus Music
Def Jam Seeking Tracks for Alessia Cara

Def Jam is seeking tracks and tracks with hooks for singer Alessia Cara. Please submit your best material that you think would fit with his style and brand. Alessia Caracciolo, professionally known as Alessia Cara, is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She is signed to EP Entertainment and Def Jam Recordings and is best known for "Here", her debut single from the debut album, Know-It-All, released November 13, 2015. A sleeper hit, the song reached the top 5 in the United States and the top 20 in Canada. Prior to her work for Def Jam, she produced acoustic covers on YouTube. 

- Keith R. Tucker / Def Jam Recordings (Universal)
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CBMSD Inc Seeking Music for Placement in TV Commercials

CBMSD Inc Seeking Music for Placement in TV Commercials
Having served as a TV Commercial Composer for over 25 years, Chris Bell has a solid base of established relationships with many Advertising Creative VP's and Producers. 

We have recently placed original music on multiple spots for Toyota, McDonalds, Hyundai, Oberto Foods, WalMart (instore), UCLA and Red Stripe Beer. Our music selections are sent on a flash drive directly to the Ad Agency Creative VP's, Broadcast Producers and Editors in over 100 top Ad agencies as well as Fox Network and over 50 high end freelance TV Commercial Editors. 

If you have unique, NON VOCAL, decently produced, (NOT music library sounding tracks)... We want to hear them. If we like your style, we will send you Chris Bell's personal email address so you can submit as much material as you have available. 

We are not here to make money from your submission fees, but we do need them to keep the quality up. Once we see you are a talented composer we deal directly with you. We are looking for odd, interesting, fun and funny tracks that develop quickly. "Outa the Box". A nice build is good. Ending on a positive is great. PLEASE NO LONG REPETITIVE tracks, or songs that just have the vocals removed. They must evolve nicely in 30, 60, 120, seconds. Unfortunately there is NOT a big market for epic orchestral music so please do not submit. There IS a big market for all genres that are hip, edgy, positive, uplifting, quirky, dumb (or dumber) fun and funny music. Real instruments are a definite plus! 

Please have a clear representation of ownership of your tracks. ALL composers involved must sign a release to include your music in presentations before we present. We split all proceeds 50/50 with our composers. This means you typically make from $250 to $5000 or more per placement depending on the use. You also receive a copy of the spot for your reel. If you are selected, you also have direct access to Chris Bell for valuable mentoring, production and career advice pertaining to your composing. 

- Chris Bell / Exec Producer - CBMSD Inc

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Sham Pain - Lady In Red

Sham Pain - Lady In Red
Sham Pain - Lady In Red

Sham Pain hits the floor running with his follow up masterpiece club banga "Lady In Red" just after his successful remix collaboration with kCamp and Snoop Dogg entitled "ROLLIN".

"Lady In Red" is what we have now come to expect from this great artist & performer and he doesn't fail to execute on the track, you will be dancing and buzzin in no time.

Facebook: @grockrecords.shampain
Twitter: @grockrecords2

 Soundcloud Listen/Download: 

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I Believed You Music Video by Joslyn Sky

I Believed You Music Video by Joslyn Sky
I Believed You Music Video by Joslyn Sky

Welcome to Georgia - JOSLYN SKY

Hi I'm a Pop RnB Alternative female singer named Joslyn Sky. I am 21 years old and I was born in the Bronx, New York. I have a twin brother and one older brother. I moved around to different towns which are in New York, Mass, and now currently in Georgia. I did a lot of plays and musicals since elementary/ middle school then when I was 20 I was a featured cheerleader in a movie called Central Intelligence. I was under a music contract for 2 years after high school but decided to do my own thing and created a demo, some singles and an album. I started writing when I was 14 years old and never officially put music and videos out til Oct of 2015 to the public. I play a little piano and hope to touch people with my music and films. I want to send messages to move and enlighten people's hearts and soul. I also want to be a legend for what I do and heal others for how I write. I hope in years from now, I'll be touring the world performing my own original music with my sound and style.  I just want to help others with my music therapy so they know their not alone, then I'll feel I'm not so alone on this dark road too. I can't give up on my dreams and I won't until I meet every corner possible that's reasonable to get to where I want to be. Just share my videos and music to friends and family! You can find me and my music on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reverb-nation and YouTube. Thank you for reading my Bio, God Bless
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Seeking Music for HBO

Seeking Music for HBO
Seeking Music for HBO
Seeking Music for Action Series with a Far Eastern Style - [HBO Productions]
We have the pleasure of working with a successful Independent Film company working with HBO Productions to secure a licensing agreement for an action series currently filming in NYC. The director has agreed to outsource this project to our Music Xray subscribers. 

Due to the time sensitive nature of this placement, please only submit broadcast-ready material; fully-mastered is a plus! 

This agreement will be non-exclusive. Should your song make it to the trailer, you may receive compensation and retain 100% of your publishing. 

- Adam Sussman / 180 South Group


More opportunities listed on the site : 

LAST CALL: Seeking Songs for A-mei - Female Pop Star -Taiwan

ITaiwan female singer A-mei is looking for songs as referenced below. This artist has been around since 1996 and is a well established artist in Se Asia especially China and Taiwan. The brief is edgy and cool mid tempo pop songs that have an emotional quality. 

Please listen to the tracks below to get a good idea of what we are looking for. 
A-mei Wikipedia 
Song References:
Alessia Cara - Here
Jess Glynne - Take Me Home
Halsey - Colors
Grace - You Don't Own Me

- Dean Hart / Afrikan Cowboy Music Publishing
Want to perform in the Far East and get $500 a night for doing so?
For any (performing) artist or band looking to take their career to the next level, then this is one of the most exciting opportunities we have ever run. This is 100% open to ANY GENRE. Basically if you currently play live (solo artists or bands) ANYWHERE, then take a look at this... 

Last year we took Swedish rock band We Are The Catalyst to China, discovered through Music Xray, and as you can see from the video, the treatment they got was amazing. The trip culminated with them playing at the Shanghai Strawberry festival where 100,000 music fans attend on a daily basis. Check out the video HERE

If you are selected for this opp, you will fly to Beijing where you will be met at the airport by your driver. You will then be taken to your hotel and over the coming days you will attend music conferences, play showcases to labels (Chinese and international), publishers and journalists. You will then play a series of clubs dates plus the biggest music festival in Beijing.
Century Media seeking Co-Writers - Publishing Deals
Century Media is seeking amazing co-writers to work with our extensive artist roster. Co-writers in Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Trash, Alternative, Indie, Progressive, Hardcore...anything that rocks! 

Please take a look at our roster HERE to get an idea of the artists we work with. The Century Media family includes Century Media Records, People Like You Records, Another Century, Inside Out Music, and Superball Music. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

- Mike Gitter / Century Media
Seeking Country Smash like "Wasted Time" by Keith Urban
We're on the hunt for a country banger similar to  "Wasted Time" by Keith Urban. This is a direct-to-artist placement for a male pop-country singer. Driving with the windows down feel, huge chorus, memorable hook, great imagery for music video that takes place in the summer. 

Please submit your best demo, preferably un-released material. This is also a good opportunity to get some feedback on songs you're not sure about.

- Splash Galaxy
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Detroit Def Machine - Get Hygh Official Video

Detroit Def Machine - Get Hygh Official Video
Detroit Def Machine - Get Hygh Official Video
Being a native Detroit-er myself - I am proud to push this joint for DEF MACHINE... SALUTE - Crunkatlanta 

The rise of Def Machine started in Detroit, MI STAR DATE 2014... This DEFCON-1 crew consist of, Avery Sims, Craig "Mr. Groove" Lane. and Rondale Brazier, a tightly integrated production team.
Together this bomb squad drops music/film productions with a THERMO-NUCLEAR blast ah thousand times harder than anyone else in the game covering various styles of music genres. A band was needed to back the artist being produced on Sims Entertainment/SEC Records so we added additional musicians, guitarist Joe Mazzola originally from the band Sponge and long time friend of bass player Avery Sims joined the ranks with drummer Mario Perry a good friend of keyboardist Craig Lane. Mario has also done session work for Sims Entertainment/SEC Records. Together this APOCALYPTIC BAND along with front man hip hop artist Diggidy form The kicka** DEF MACHINE.

(Twitter)- @defmachinemusic 

Watch the videos here:
GET HYGH >>>>> 

Detroit Def Machine - Get Hygh Official Video

Detroit Def Machine - Get Hygh Official Video
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Is Pimping still Going Strong?

Is Pimping still Going Strong?
Is Pimping still Going Strong?

Pimp is a memoir by Iceberg Slim, a black man who became a pimp in the United States during the 1930’s. He shares his background of what led up to his pimp life along with stories that took place during his career. While the book contains many useful tips on how to handle women, I wouldn’t call it a pimp manual. Instead, it shines a light on how degenerate modern relationships have become.

Could you be a "PIMP" today? 

With all the knowledge out here today. How can someone still be profitable in pimping. Why is a pimp is needed to some people? There are men as well as women being pimped.... lets get this clear.

Willie Dynamite 1974- FULL MOVIE

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 World Star - Hot Hip Hop
CrunkAtlanta Magazine and Promo
Atlanta Music Promoter and Promo

WorldStar Promo-The Best Rap Songs and Videos
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